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        Products are widely used in factories, enterprises, hotels, dock ports, oil, electricity, railways, municipal engineering, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, aviation industry, metal manufacturing, offshore drilling platforms, automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and other fields.

        Other synthetic material aids


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        Pile machinery

        Concrete mixer

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        Baths and accessories

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        Since its establishment, the company has firmly grasped the opportunity of Hefei's exhibition industry development, market-oriented, innovation and development, service as the foothold, conscientiousness, pursuit of excellence, and rejection of ordinary.

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        Winning a good reputation in the industry with excellent product quality, and has been widely praised by users. / more info /

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        Huaxiang Technology--Dedicated to high-tech R&D and transformation transfer services. / more info /

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        Choosing Beijing Comfortable HVAC is the choice of warmth, health, comfort, environmental protection and energy saving.

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        The company's products are widely used, and the power industry, office industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry and other enterprises all occupy a certain share of the use.